Winter in the garden and baby greens in the greenhouse!  Check out our newest blog article.

Learn about the "why and how" of some permaculture strategies in the garden.  Join us for this talk on February 11, 2017, 11:30am at Almonte Seedy Saturday.

The garden reminds us that we can sow the seeds we want and we don't control what grows. This is a guided relaxation on life, imperfection and acceptance.

In the autumn, Mother Nature offers us reminders to let go, replenish ourselves and give thanks. This is a guided relaxation video to help us connect with Nature and go within.  Take 5 minutes for yourself to relax (4min 19sec to be exact).

"[There has been a] huge increase in interest in permaculture in the last decade, the increase in people with varied backgrounds and training levels teaching in different ways, and a demand to meet more needs and bring permaculture to different communities."  

If you're interested in learning permaculture, there are many options available; choose a learning format that fits your goals and resources.  If you are a permaculture professional, help others learn in a way that fits your skills; other than courses, you might also consider having interns or work exchangers, making simple... read more

We've grown! 

1) is where you'll find all of our work, including permaculture, holistic healing, workshops, coaching and more creative stuff.  Learn more about LivinghEARTH.

2) We have a new e-newsletter for LivinghEARTH - SIGN UP NOW!  Our old e-newsletter from Permaculture Institute of Eastern Ontario will be phased out.

3) will still be here under the name Permaculture... read more

Check out our poster session at the Canadian Museum of Nature on November 9.