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We teach the following courses:

We are also happy to provide custom courses or trainings for your community group, organisation or business.  

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Custom Talks & Presentations

Here are a few of the topics we could offer for your group:

  • Working with Nature in the Garden: Permaculture Principles & Design
  • Gardens that Mimic Nature: Edible Forest Gardens
  • Food, Perennials, Soil & Water: The "Why & "How" of Some Permaculture Strategies in the Garden

We are also happy to provide customised talks and presentations.  Read more.

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Permaculture Tours

We offer permaculture tours of various sites:

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Design Coaching: Businesses & Organisations, Urban & Rural Land

Bonita and Sébastien's specialties are permaculture "Design Coaching":

  • for business and organisational design (this does NOT necessarily involve designing a piece of land)
  • for urban to rural pieces of land
  • processes facilitated for groups

Our coaching could be a good fit for you if you want to:

  • Design a more sustainable “something”: a garden, farm, homestead, community, business, organisation, project or your lifestyle (it may or may not involve a piece of land)
  • Make decisions more holistically with principles from nature
  • Learn practical tools to be more effective with your energy, while better meeting your needs
  • Turn surplus or waste into opportunities and resources
  • Create “win-win” situations that offer more benefit and ease

You'd really enjoy:

  • Having support to figure out and to take the first or next steps in your project
  • Having the tools and understanding to continue this work on your own
  • Having a customised “mini permaculture course” combined with design for your project
  • If your project focusses on the land, including in the design things such as: food production and storage (eg. edible forest gardens, annual gardens, greenhouses, root cellars); soil fertility and
  • water management (eg. compost, living groundcovers, humanure, hugelkulturs, swales); season extension and microclimates (eg. suntraps, windbreaks)
  • Stepping into a more active and creative role

Download our Coaching Information.

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Design Consultation: Drought-Proofing Rural Land

We Drought-proof Land.

Drought means dry ponds, lost crop, and dead or damaged trees. EcoEdge Design Ltd. focuses on designing and implementing nature-mimicking systems that alleviate the risk of drought impacting small farms, livestock operations and rural landowners. We've used our techniques to regreen semi-arid land, as well as provide drought protection for Ontario.

Here are some of our services to help you:

  • Designing water-harvesting systems to make more water available, removing worry about drought
  • Designing water storage, providing backup irrigation, opening the potential for aquaculture, or just beautification
  • Providing courses, workshops and speaking engagements around sustainable design

Stay green when everyone else is turning brown.

Read this case study about Douglas' project in India.

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